Welcome Home Masters


You are on a fantastic journey of mastering your life! On this site, you can find Dr. Kousouli's books, register for transformational classes and seminars, or seek their professional services by requesting a one on one teleconsult. If you wish to dive into care as a patient, you may view www.drkousouli.com for information on the application process. We are excited for your new growth! We are very much looking forward to seeing you in one of our transformational classes soon. Enjoy the site!

Drs. Theo & Christina Kousouli are healers who understand what people are dealing with in today's broken health care system. They have been through the "system" themselves. Dr. Theo battled bullying, depression, a suicide attempt, and semi-paralysis by a swimming pool accident in his youth and two aortic valve replacement heart surgeries. Dr. Christina brought herself back from the debilitating effects of Crohn's disease and despair that followed her father's death. They dedicated their lives and professional careers to helping others triumph over illness by educating the public on true holistic health & wellness. They found each other through a divine miracle and their union brings love, hope and joy to many as they share their passion for healing, love and wellness with you.


Mission Statement

Healing is our united mission; growth for all souls is our deepest desire. With passion and compassion, we strive to impact the lives of others through personal empowerment, development, and self-discovery.

We inspire students to create their life based upon the gift of love and not on societal or fearful programming. We give our students the opportunity to view their lives from a new perspective, exploring their own desires to live the amazing life they choreograph with their Creator. 

Life is a miracle waiting to be enjoyed to the fullest. Our classes range from private self-development sessions to empathic and psychic develpment seminars.